Changes to MOT rules

From May 2018 vehicles manufactured before 1977 will become exempt from annual roadworthiness tests or MOT.

Madness or genius? Well I certainly have my own views, and I will be continuing to take my own cars for an MOT. Why? because it NEVER hurts to have someone else look over things. It also keeps the history of my car going, and proves the mileage is genuine, should I ever want to sell my car. Continued MOT history would certainly give me more confidence buying a car.

However, you may decide to take advantage of this new MOT exemption. If so, there are some things you need to know. Find out all the facts in this document produced by the government.



One thought on “Changes to MOT rules

  1. I share your view but a few years back the Department of Transport decided all vehicles should be MOT’ed and that proved a real problem for me and my 1934 truck. Firstly I couldn’t find a garage who would carry out the test and when I eventually did it obviously failed.
    However, anything manufactured post -1960 should really be checked for road-worthiness not least because they are capable of reaching our current national speed limit; a1934 truck has a top speed of 30 mph so poses little threat to anyone.


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